Download and play free Modern Strike Online PvP FPS on PC now!

Play an FPS Game with High-Quality and Realistic Graphics

If you can’t get enough of intense first-person shooting (FPS) games, Modern Strike Online PvP FPS is the game for you! Experience a realistic shooting mission with high-quality graphics and realistic effects.

Defeat enemies in many different locations, and face off against terrorists and international criminal organizations. Use your high-powered assault rifles and weapons to clear enemies in over 14 locations.

You can play Solo or go online to challenge other real players to a PvP battle or team up with other players for a team battle! The best players will be recognized with unique achievements and will be placed on top of the rankings in Modern Strike Online’s global leaderboard. To be one of the best, you have to show that you are quick to take down enemies. And you have a sound battle strategy in place!



Enjoy 7 Different Modes of Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike is fun to play in Single Player mode, but if you are the competitive type of player, there are tons of other game modes that can make Modern Strike Online more challenging for you. There are 7 other modes which are Team Battle, Deathmatch, Team Bomb Battle, Duel, Special Operation, Hardcore, and a Custom Game Mode.

On Team Battle Mode, you have to team up with other players and defeat an enemy team in an intense shooting battle! The goal is easy, defeat all your enemies and dominate the battlefield as a team. In this mode, cooperation is the key to success.

On Deathmatch Mode, however, it’s every man for himself! Kill anyone who dares to come near you. This mode is a dangerous free-for-all battle wherein only the quickest and fittest one will survive!


It’s Not Just Action, It’s Tactics

If you are longing for a Counter Strike-style of FPS gaming, then Team Bomb Battle Mode is for you! In this mode, you have to stop a bomb that has been planted by terrorists. This requires special tactics, strategy, and cooperation too!

Another one is Duel Mode. This is the real PvP battle mode wherein you and another player go one on one against each other. Use the location to your advantage and defeat your lone enemy in an all-out shooting battle!

Special Operation Mode is another team battle mode but the twist here is that each member will only have 1 life throughout the game. The team with the last surviving soldier wins! This is a real challenge for serious players who would also love to show off their defense and survival skills.

For players who want to take the challenge to a higher notch, there’s Hardcore mode for you! In this mode, the amount of damage is multiplied by 2. There’s no room to relax or make mistakes, you have to be quick and aggressive – or else your enemies will get you first.

Lastly, players of Modern Strike Online can enjoy Custom Game mode! From the name itself, players can choose the set-up of the game. That includes the mode and the map where the battle may be done. However, this mode is only for pure fun and practice.

You can invite your friends to play with you on Custom Game mode where you can freely test out tactics and strategies together. In this mode, you can create the rules of the game but you cannot gain experience, unlock weapons, or earn cash rewards – it is purely for fun and training!


Discover 14 Maps and Unlock Unique Weapons

Modern Strike Online PvP FPS has 14 unique locations that you can use as a battlefield. Each location has a unique feature and topography that can be used for your advantage (or disadvantage) in every battle. You have to be familiar with every location to know where you can hide or duck for cover, and shoot enemies from a safe distance.

When you play Team Battles and other competitive modes, you will earn experience and money rewards that can help you unlock new weapons and firearms. You can use assault rifles, snipers, shotguns, pistols, and many other types of shooting weapons. You can also invest in bombs and other equipment such as grenades and protective gear.


Claim Daily Rewards Through Quests and Missions

If you want to unlock new weapons and equipment faster, you can take part in daily challenges and quests to earn free items and rewards that can increase experience and in-game money faster! You have to play every day and complete daily tasks to uncover gifts and rewards for that day.


Play Modern Strike Online PC

All that intense shooting and action will go to waste if you play Modern Strike Online on your mobile device that keeps on lagging and crashing the app. So why not get the game for PC and enjoy it endlessly on a bigger screen? Modern Strike Online PC runs smoother, and you will never lose a battle again just because the game crashed or your device lagged for too long! Then check out some other awesome Action Games like Guns of Boom – Online Shooter and Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition)!

Game Features

  • Battle it out in 7 different game modes.
  • Unlock new weapons and equipment with free skins.
  • Create your own custom game for training and practice.
  • Dominate in 14 different battlefield locations!
  • Complete daily tasks to get free items and rewards.

Check out these game screenshots.

Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS Screenshot
Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS Screenshot

Download and play free Modern Strike Online PvP FPS on PC now!